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Richard K√ľng: Nachwuchs-Physiker mit klaren Zielen
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, August 2013

Spooky action put to order
ETH Life, June 2013

Spuk mit System
pro-physik, June 2013

In den Fussstapfen von Wolfgang Pauli
ETH Life, January 2013

Pauli Principle, Reloaded
Physics 6, 8 (2013)

Oddly, too much weirdness slows a quantum computer down
Science 323, 1658 (2009)

Too entangled to compute one-way
Physics 2, 38 (2009)

Is entanglement always good for quantum computers?
Physics World, Nov 2008

Quantum entanglement can be too much of a good thing
Science News, March 2009

Bad news for quantum computers?
The Quantum Times 2008

Verschraenkung bremst Quantenrechner
pro-physik, May 2009

Most quantum states are too entangled to be useful as  computational resources
PhysOrg, May 2009


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