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Winter 2012 - 2013

Open Systems and Quantum Information Seminar

The seminar covers new results in open quantum systems and quantum information theory. There will be a mix of internal and external speakers, as well as student presentations (MSc term paper).


Andreas Buchleitner, Heinz-Peter Breuer, David Gross, Florian Mintert, Tobias Schätz

Time & Venue

Thursdays 12:15 pm, HS 2, physics high rise.


  • 25/10 No seminar (lecture hall in use for Physikerinnentagung)
  • 1/11 All Saints Day
  • 8/11
    Matthias Kleinmann, Siegen: Maximal correlations for incompatible measurements
  • 15/11
    Michael Walter, Zürich: Entanglement Polytopes
  • 22/11
    No presentation.
  • 29/11
    Björn Bartels, Freiburg, Smooth Optimal Control of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers
  • 06/12
    Rafael ChavesNoisy metrology beyond the standard quantum limit
  • 13/12
    Stefan Wissmann, Optimal pairs for non-Markovian quantum dynamics
    Change of venue: We will meet at the usual time in the Seminarraum Westbau!
  • 20/12
    No seminar.
  • 10/01
    Angelika Knothe: Irreversibility and the second law: Fluctuation Theorems (student presentation).
  • 17/01
    Approximate Quantum Error Correction (student presentation)
  • 24/01
    Mathias Klenner: Physical interpretations of the quantum relative entropy (student presentation)
  • 31/01
    Sarah Meisenheimer: Micromaser-theory and experiment: a paradigmatic open quantum system (student presentation)
  • 07/02
    Leonidas Richter, Post-quantum correlations (student presentation)


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